Henderson Media Consultants offers a range of marketing services for the individual or company. We design tailored packages that are geared to achieve our customers objectives.  We work with our clients and their staff to place their brands front and centre of their target markets and we do this through research, strategy planning, goal setting, project management and implementation.


As well as innovative strategy consulting we also offer,

 - Authoring services that include, editorial, media releases, client blogs, awards submissions and competition entries.

- Presenting and interview services for TV and video.


We tap into our extensive network to match and connect our clients with a range of like-minded service providers who excel in their field. 

Our network includes proven specialists in the following fields,

- social media

- publishers

- publicists

- event experts

- web designers

- graphic designers

- photographers

- video production

- stylists

- architects and interior designers


Strategy is the pathway to success and through HendersonMC we will guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals. Content is king and we believe that you are what you publish.